Travelling is an intimate affair – made up of the complex yet intricate relationships between the memories you create, and the sights and scents that you partake at each moment in time.

Growing up on this safe and sheltered island where everything runs like clockwork, being in a foreign land and experiencing even the slightest bit of haphazardness might seem strangely attractive and romantic to a Singaporean.

Roughly translating to mean “a sense of place” in French, Benjamin Koh’s Terroir, is a bespoke bi-annual magazine that seeks to collaborate with and showcase Singaporean perspectives on travel—to share with you what various places meant to their Singaporean authors.

The 160-paged Issue No. 1 is a collaboration between Rachel Han, Michelle Lim, Stephanie Ng, and Benjamin. The magazine is entirely self-published on an inkjet printer, and bound by hand. The limited edition launch issue also includes an A3 poster, a pack of 8 postcards, a color pencil with a hot-stamped number, and an envelope with blind embossed sticker seal.

Looking at the heartwarming and absolutely-beautiful photographs makes us want to pick up our cameras, pack our bags, and take off again.

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